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Skirt - Sari Silk Wrap Skirt - Mini/Regular

Skirt - Sari Silk Wrap Skirt - Mini/Regular

One-of-a-kind, A-line wrap skirts made from reclaimed sari material.  Each skirt is a work of art!  The wrap skirt fits most people and an A-Line cut looks great on every body shape.  The double layer of soft silk makes these so comfortable and don't forget, they are reversible.  Watch the video for some great ideas on how to wear your skirt!

Skirts come in three lengths: Mini - Just above the knee, Tea - Mid calf, and Ankle - to the ankle but not touching the floor

Skirts come in three sizes: Regular (size 4-12), Women's (size 14-20), and Goddess (size 22+)  **These are just estimates.  As a size 16, I can comfortably wear any of these.  Wrap skirts are WONDERFUL!

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